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Our value-added services combined with our international knowledge allows for smooth sailing for your company’s future.

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Global Operations

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Aviation Fuel

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Experienced Professionals

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As a reliable sourcing partner, TITA helps to buy and sell industry-specific products, commodities, petroleum, and petroleum-based products. TITA consistently aids in the procurement of LNG, LPG, Jet A, Jet A-1, Gasoil, High Sulphur Fuel Oil, and Low Sulphur Fuel Oil amongst other petroleum products. TTIA works with refineries around the globe to satisfy the requirements of our Buyers, and uses our industry knowledge of international trade laws to determine the best course of action to save your company money in the purchase of one of your largest but most required expenses.

Testa International Trade Advisers work as either the end-seller or as an authorized facilitator (branded distributor or other contractual agreement) directly from top refineries – no brokers are involved. Through our vast network, we work as the supplier of oil products directly from numerous refineries located in the United States, Russia, Asia, Middle East, and other parts of the world. When you deal with Testa International Trade Advisers, there are no other re-sellers involved, no brokers, and no mandates. Testa International Trade Advisers work directly with refineries, end-sellers, and end-buyers.

There’s no substitute for experience and legal knowledge when dealing with international transactions. And at Testa International Trade Advisers, our team has plenty of it. We are expert practitioners who work in the industry every day, delivering results to our clients, suppliers, refineries, and logistics teams. We believe that this level of real-world, everyday experience is what separates us from other trade consulting organizations and petroleum wholesalers.

Connect legal knowledge, a worldwide pool of suppliers, and expert knowledge of importation and exportation criteria to form an unlimited potential for your business.