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Testa International Trade Advisers – a physical commodity trading firm, rendering client-centric solutions in the realm of international trade law over a wide spectrum of markets.

Testa International Trade Advisers and the founders of TITA are dedicated to operational excellence and seek transactions where we can mitigate risks while simultaneously finding exceptional value for our exit clients by presenting them with the information they need to not only get the best prices to meet their growing market needs but also enhance their profit potential when importing and exporting.

TITA specializes in importation laws, exportations laws, OFAC, and compliance issues. TITA sells industry-specific products, commodities, petroleum, and petroleum-based products. Testa International Trade Advisers work directly with refineries, end-sellers, and end-buyers. We focus primarily on the following commodities, products, and petroleum-based products: Crude Oil (Light, Medium and Sour); Jet Fuel – Jet A, Jet A-1, TS-1, JP-4, JP-5, JP-8; Low and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and High Sulfur Diesel/ Gasoil; Automotive Gasoil (AGO); Marine Gasoil (MGO); Residual Fuel Oil, High Pour Fuel Oil (HPFO); Slurry Oil (CBFS); LPG; Ethanol; LNG, and other petroleum-derived products.

TITA is not only able to assist your company in navigating the international regulatory standards for importing and exporting but is also proficient in supplying aviation planes, aviation jet fuel, other oil products, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and cotton and textiles.


Testa International Trade Advisers – assisting your company in procuring commodities and conducting international transactions.


Testa International Trade Advisors (TITA) is a group of knowledgeable trade compliance specialists that are registered exporters and lawyers admitted in the United States Court of International Trade, who work with companies operating in the global marketplace.




The members of our team have the real-world experience to help your company plan, execute, meet demand requirements, and manage compliance programs that meet current regulatory standards and operations goals. Our areas of expertise include Import & Export Compliance Programs & Training, CTPAT, Foreign Trade Zones, NAFTA and other free trade agreements, ITAR Audits, and Assessments.